A Little Update and a Lot of Cover Pr0nz

I’ve been battling some health issues as well as a loss in my family which has led to some pretty serious writer’s block in that I just haven’t been writing much. Or doing much of anything.  I’m on the road to recovering, I think.  I’m writing again, which is the best part for me.  I don’t feel good when I’m not writing.

I am having to re-order my goals for this year due to things that have come up.  Right now, I’m planning to finish the first 20 Gryphonpike novellas (so the first 4 omnibus versions, essentially, more on those in a moment) and the first four books of the Pyrrh Considerable Crimes Division series.  I’m not sure when exactly each will be posted, part of my journey toward health is not putting too much pressure on myself.  But they’ll all be up by December, that much I can promise (barring further life rolls).

Meanwhile, here is the promised cover pr0n.

First set are for the omnibus versions of the Gryphonpike Chronicles.  Each will contain five novellas.  The art for all of them was licensed from Kerem Beyit and the text done by my friend Greg.

These next two are for the Pyrrh Considerable Crimes Division novels, books 1 and 2.  The artist is custom courtesy of Nathie via Deviantart.com and the text done by my friend Greg.

There. Cover pronz. Those will be coming out this year. Now… back to the writing I go. Many pages to go in order to fill these covers with awesome stories.

11 thoughts on “A Little Update and a Lot of Cover Pr0nz

  1. The covers are gorgeous, Annie. However, I know you can’t truly feel tone via the written word, but I get the feeling that you are having a rough time of it lately based on that post. All my best to you. I know what you mean by not feeling well if you are not writing. That can be your solace during the dark times. It may actually improve your writing. Take care of yourself.

    Jason Varrone

  2. Hey, Annie. The covers look awesome. And I look forward to seeing the stories that go inside! Take the time to deal with all that stuff in your life and then get back to writing. I have all kinds of confidence in you, fellow Mercurian!

  3. […] ANSWER: Well, this summer I’m going to be writing more Gryphonpike Chronicles novellas. The first three are out right now, with two more coming in the next week or so (have to get them finished up, edited, and formatted). The companions will face a vampire, undead, more undead, spiders, kobolks, undead kobolds, some more undead, and probably do a lot fighting with some witty quips and bickering in there. Also maybe some looting. Here are some of the covers for upcoming work. […]

  4. Fantastic artwork! I can relate to your health issues. In fact, recovering from my heart transplant (and my subsequent year off medicine) translated into my actually having the time to sit down and write my first novel. Best wishes!

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